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Ludic Touch

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The Ludic Touch floor lamp is available in single and double head models, designed to meet the lighting needs of individual, partially-shared or shared workstations.

Available in side mounted, single offset,  and double offset models in push button or non-push button versions.

Up to 107 lm/W
Light efficiency
Up to 2X80W
Light source
color rendering index
L80B10 / 50 000 hrs
Life time
materials & Finishes
Extruded aluminium
4000 K
Color temperature

Finishes : Light grey RAL 7047, White RAL 9003

Full description

The aim is to permanently create the ideal balance between the level of light shining on the worktop and perfectly even brightness within the space. Simultaneous direct/indirect lighting provided by an  LED module with an incline designed for photometric distribution that is highly effective as well as pleasant for the user (29% direct, 71% indirect).

Enables full and precise control of direct and indirect lighting, providing a solution to lighting needs for specific activities and personal requirements in terms of visual comfort in the workplace. Separate direct/indirect lighting: direct lighting comprises a ‘light chamber’ fed by 4 LED circuits pointed towards a reflector diffusing highly efficient white light. Indirect lighting is provided by 2 LED modules at an angle calculated to maximise luminous flux across the ceiling. This system provides a remarkable level of performance from low power.

2 individually controlled swivel heads each head rotates from 0 to 90°) so that 2 workstations can be efficiently lit with separate adjustment preferences (2 separate controls).


Options *
  • TEMPO management system
  • 3000 K
  • SENSITIVE fixed cell

* You should check with our technical services for the availability of options for each product model.

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