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With its unique design and asymmetrical curves, the BEMOL floor lamp makes it possible to optimise lighting across one or two workstations. The Bémol is equipped with a base which has been carefully designed to lighten the product visually while improving overall stability.

A floor lamp with a discreet and elegant design, the Bémol is equipped with performance features that allow it to effectively light up to two workstations. Available in slim and telescopic versions or as a furniture lamp.


Up to 85lm/W
Light efficiency
Up to 3x55W / 49W/led
Lamp or Led
Light source
color rendering index
50 000 Hrs
Life time
materials & Finishes
Extruded aluminium and steel
4000K or 3000K
Color temperature

Finishes : Light grey RAL 7047, White RAL 9003

Full description

Light efficiency: up to 85lm/W

Slim or Telescopic version :

4 power levels :

  • 2x36W
  • 2x55W
  • 3x36W
  • 3x55W
  • In leds : 49W/leds

Dimensions :

  • For 36W = 278x433mm
  • For 55W = 278x573mm

Furniture-mounted version :

Power :

  • 2x36W or 2x55W
  • In leds : 49W/leds

Dimensions :

  • 2x36W = 278x433mm
  • 2x55W = 278x573mm

Light source : Lamps or Leds

IRC : 85

Materials : Extruded aluminium and steel

Finishes: Light grey RAL 7047, White RAL 9003

CT : 4000K ou 3000K

Options : 2 or 3 bulb dimmer with push-button, TEMPO management system, Sensitive swivel cell, SPACIALE cell

Options *
  • 2 or 3 bulb dimmer with push-button
  • TEMPO management system
  • Sensitive swivel cell
  • SPACIALE cell

* You should check with our technical services for the availability of options for each product model.

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