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Pendant lights

The TeamLed range is available in recessed, suspended and ceiling light versions. It provides a comprehensive and versatile response to all office planning needs. It combines visual and electronic elements to offer the best look possible and an energy efficiency performance that surpasses all current standards and recommendations.

Up to 140lm/W
Light efficiency
21W / 32W
Light source
color rendering index
L85B10 / 50 000 hrs
Life time
materials & Finishes
Extruded aluminium
Color temperature

Finishes : Light grey RAL 7047, White RAL 9003

Full description

TeamLed suspended lights feature dual direct/indirect light sources that can be switched and dimmed separately, giving them outstanding light output and visual comfort while delivering exceptional energy performance.

Power :

  • 32W – 1800MM – 3 direct light sources
  • 21W – 1200MM – for 2 direct light sources
  • 32W pour 2 direct lights + 1 indirect or 1 direct + 2 indirect”

Finishes : White RAL 9003

CT : 4000K

Options : Dimmer feature, CDE Radio, single or dual lighting, 3000K, cable cover tube, central unit management system, decorative profiles in white RAL 9003 colour

IRC : 82

TC : 4000K

UGR : <19

Lifespan : L85B10 50 000 hrs/ L90B10 30 000 hrs

Materials: Extruded aluminium

Options *
  • 3000 K
  • cable cover tube
  • single or dual lighting
  • CDE Radio
  • Dimmer feature
  • central unit management system
  • decorative profiles in white RAL 9003 colour

* You should check with our technical services for the availability of options for each product model.

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