Recessed lights SpaceLine

Recessed lights

Spaceline is a modular LED lighting system designed to be set out in a row or installed individually. Available as recessed lights, ceiling lights and suspended lights, Spaceline is a linear lighting solution for structuring architectural spaces.

Up to 38W
Light source
color rendering index
L80B10 / 50 000 hrs
Life time
materials & Finishes
Extruded aluminium
Color temperature

Finishes : Light grey RAL 7047, White RAL 9003

Full description

Spaceline recessed units can be easily installed in all ceiling types, they are available in 3 module lengths for installation in a row as well as for individual installation, adapting to any size of room or board.

Available as individual modules and or as modules for installation in a row (90° angle option)

UGR : <19

Individual false ceiling / STAFF : 23W pour 1142mm, 32W pour 1422mm, 38W pour 1702mm

Row false ceiling / STAFF : 23W pour 1122mm, 32W pour 1402mm, 38W pour 16822mm

Light source : Led

IRC : 85

Lifespan : L80B10 50 000 hrs / L90B10 25 000 hrs

Materials : Extruded aluminium

Finishes : Light grey RAL 7047, White RAL 9003

CT: 4000K

Options : Dimmer feature, central unit management system, 3000K

Options *
  • 3000K
  • central unit management system
  • Dimmer feature

* You should check with our technical services for the availability of options for each product model.

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