Good environmental management by RADIAN

For several years Radian has been involved in a sustainable development approach by acting both at the level of its profession and on individual habits.

Considering optimisation of transport, manufacturing processes, packaging, storage, studying and proposing new recyclable materials, reusing waste, are all examples of useful actions or simple gestures that are part of the daily lives of the men and women you will find in our company.

Radian - Conception


  • Research and use of technologies to ensure the best performance / energy efficiency ratio of our devices
  • Taking into account an objective of savings in raw materials in our creation process.
Radian - Fabrication


  • Preferred use of durable and recyclable materials such as aluminium, steel, glass, etc.
  • The majority of our devices are finished with industrial paints in aqueous phase making it possible to reduce the discharges of solvents into the atmosphere as much as possible (VOC).
  • Selection of fully recyclable materials for our packaging: cardboard, paper, wooden pallets, water-soluble plastic film, etc.
  • Sorting and recycling of all the waste generated by our factory and our offices, including electrical and electronic equipment.
Radian - Logistique


  • Taking into account transport distances in the choice of our supply and delivery optimisation calculation policy.