How RADIAN combines Quality and Design for its professional lighting

Radian - La qualité d'éclairage

Quality of lightning

Recognising the essential role of lighting in terms of health, well-being and productivity, Radian engineers and technicians lend their know-how to design lighting that is above all efficient and comfortable, tailored to each application and able to meet the individual and daily needs of users.

This same philosophy guides our studies and development of innovative solutions such as “Luck”, our latest LED work lamp, so that energy performance becomes permanently synonymous with visual comfort and well-being.

Radian - La qualité du produit

Product quality

In terms of manufacturing, our requirement is expressed firstly by the preferred use of materials such as aluminium or glass which gives our devices exceptional use and life duration. Similarly, we rigorously evaluate and select components for the latest technologies we use. Finally, we apply the highest quality standards at all stages of manufacturing: mechanical and electrical safety tests, durability and maintenance tests, meticulous finishing checks, development of packaging for each model, and attention to the design and drafting of technical notices and documentation.

Radian - La qualité du service

Quality of service

At Radian, the concern for quality does not stop with the creation and manufacture of our products. We have therefore equipped ourselves with human and operational resources to ensure irreproachable Customer Service.

Our services include: personalised advice and technical studies, assistance by simply calling; responsiveness of our sales teams for all quotations, dossier creation, product availability, demonstrations and specific requests; seamless logistics from packaging to delivery, factory dedicated contacts for real time monitoring of the orders, etc.

Radian - De la culture au design

From design culture

Lighting fixtures play a special role in the layout world. And while technical objects are expected to be more and more efficient, they also enhance the artistic dimension of the architectural space.

Only a quality design makes it possible to provide a relevant answer to this dual aesthetic and functional necessity through a practice that combines the notions of shape, use, ergonomics, energy performance and the requirements in terms of quality, space and layout.

It is this conviction that has led us, at Radian, to always include recognised professionals and also young design talent. Different in their backgrounds and their visions, for over 25 years they have allowed us to develop original designs, combining their conceptual inspiration with our know-how.

Radian - Eco design

... to eco-design

For many years, Radian has been designing and manufacturing lighting devices designed for businesses. This strong presence in the tertiary sector, the needs of which are changing more and more rapidly, was an opportunity for us to witness the emergence of new organisation and work environment models. It was this enriching experience that allowed us to integrate the environmental, organisational and behavioural dimensions into our approach early on, and which are now an integral part of our design specifications.