Manufacturer of professional LED lighting

Fabricant éclairage LED professionnel

Radian offers several LED ranges.

For lamps, ceiling lights, suspended or wall lights, Radian has chosen LEDs arranged on two lateral emission lines : direct vision of these sources is therefore avoided.

The lower row of LEDs emits much of the light downwards, in direct lighting, by refraction on a clear polycarbonate plate and then by transmission through a prismatic diffusion plate. The advantage of this refracted emission is twofold : the efficiency of the transmission guarantees a good yield, plus this transmission system guarantees excellent visual comfort thanks to the diffusion surface of this double Refraction-Emission device. Half of the lower flux is emitted in indirect lighting using the same refraction device.

Indirect lighting does not pose a risk of visual aggression; the upper row of LEDs provides most of this diffusion. The LEDs are protected by a translucent sheath that prevents any human contact while ensuring a first dust-seal (the glass closure is recommended to protect the refraction-reflection devices mentioned above).

Part of the flux emitted by the upper row reaches the lower refraction plate to reinforce direct diffusion, and a part is indirectly reflected.

For these direct / indirect lighting devices, Radian chose “mid-power” LEDs, i.e. individual powers between 0.2 and 1 W in order to obtain the best distributed flux over an optimal linearity that is consistent with the Ludic Touch family.

Radian has developed two very specific ranges:

  • TeamLed : A true light engine, the optoelectronic system that combines lenses and LEDs exploits all the light potential of LEDs without loss, thus ensuring very high efficiency for minimum installed power.
  • Spaceline : This is a modular LED lighting system, designed for on-line installation or for individual installation. By combining the luminous efficiency of high performance LEDs and reflectors with an opal PMMA diffuser, Spaceline provides the optimal visual comfort of lighting that is powerful, precise and never dazzling. While at the same time achieving energy savings of up to 45% compared to conventional lighting (T5 fluo).

For all LED lighting, Radian offers two colour temperatures: 3000 K or 4000 K.

éclairage LED professionnel