Our lighting design office

Bureau d'étude éclairage : Radian

Radian has its own design office on its production site in Nantes.

Cornerstone of our industrial process, it comprises engineers and technicians whose mission is twofold :

  • To study and develop each new product of our range in close collaboration with designers, from the first computations to mass production, going through all the phases of prototyping, development and validation.
  • To offer you the best solution and to support you in the framework of your projects and tenders with the ongoing goal of assuring you optimal quality lighting, to guarantee you the strictest respect for the regulations (safety norms, work code, etc.), to optimise your capital, operating and maintenance costs and to meet your energy efficiency and sustainability requirements.
Radian - Bureau d'étude d'éclairage
  • Customised lighting studies : for each project, our design office will make a technical recommendation on the products to be installed and their correct distribution in order to guarantee the best lighting according to the uses and the planned activity. These studies are submitted in the form of files including: photometric data, plans with the distribution of lighting devices and possibly a 3D simulation of spaces and environments to be illuminated, the corresponding technical and budgetary studies.
  • Made to measure adaptations : our very responsive design office can also design and commission specific parts, modifications or customisations so our lighting fixtures perfectly match your furniture, or to meet your particular needs or constraints, even for small quantities. Like our products, these will be the subject of a technical study, a prototype and a production in accordance with the same standards of quality and reliability as our entire production.
  • Long-term support :Radian offers a support service during installation and after-sales technical support to assist you until the completion of your project and beyond.