The standards and regulations for professional lighting

Radian - Démarche HQE

For more than 20 years, Radian has focused on luminous suitability, harmonious balance between energy performance, comfort of use, the well-being of the users and energy saving.

This philosophy fits perfectly in the evolution of the regulatory texts both in terms of labour legislation, the environment (European Regulations, RT 2012 for example), or the architectural evolution towards called “energy positive” buildings (HQE, BREAM etc.)

Radian - Normes et règlementations

For example, compliance with the 2012 Thermal Regulation means that the average power installed in offices, which according to the 2008 CEREN survey is around 36 W/m², can be divided by four, given the average age of the existing park.
Radian today meets these needs with great comfort of use, with products of installed power of 6 to 7 W/m², for an effective consumption reduced by 30% to 70% according to the associated technologies, in particular that of the cells sensitive to Presence Detection and Brightness Maintenance.

These claimed performances have been observed and measured by our customers (ADEME, EADS, OECD, Generali, Ministry of Finance, etc.), using Radian’s high-performance devices that integrate :

  • Dimmer feature,
  • Presence detection
  • Automatic brightness modulation

Beyond fashion, Radian relies on recognised and proven technologies by selecting light sources with very high energy performance, whether they are fluorescent or LED, with a luminous efficiency superior to 80 lumens per watt, paired with high quality electronic power supplies.