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Fabrication luminaires professionnels : Radian

For us, the creation of lighting requires much more than the mere technical mastery of the light.

It is first of all to just listen, to understand the needs of our customers and to feel of their culture to ensure the strongest synergy between technological innovation, aesthetics, energy performance and requirements in terms of layout.

This is what we call “lucid lighting” .

With its own production site in the west of France, Radian has been designing, developing and manufacturing lighting fixtures for more than 20 years, designed to meet the highest requirements of its customers and specifiers, whether architects, designers, consultancies, or purchasers in public or private companies.

Radian brings its commitment to quality to life through a complete range of products for wide applications: floor lamps, recessed lamps, wall sconces, suspended, work lamps and some technical products. Its designs have always been aimed at functionality, the quality and comfort of the light with particular attention paid to design in order to reconcile technical performance and innovation with a harmonious and rewarding integration in the architectural environment.

A modest-sized company, Radian is totally committed to every project in which it takes part, ensuring active listening, personalised advice and the desire to offer its clients high-level services.

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