Manufacturer of professional Li-Fi lighting

Éclairage lifi : Radian

A designer and manufacturer of lighting fixtures for more than 25 years, Radian has made innovation a key driver of its success by leveraging the most advanced technologies to develop products that are ever more efficient, energy-saving and synonymous with visual comfort. But for Radian, preparing for the lighting of tomorrow is also pioneering the way to new applications that offer lighting today, especially LED light

This is why Radian has developed and developed, in partnership with Luciom, a French start-up specialising in the design of “LiFi” solutions, a totally innovative range of communicating LED lighting devices: LUDIC e-TOUCH.

RADIAN’s LUDIC e-TOUCH devices, in addition to their exceptional design and lighting qualities, allow wireless connection two-way • efficient and multi-user • highly secure • without electromagnetic interference • without risk to the health of users.

Radian - Light Fidelity

The “LIFI” at the heart of LUDIC e-TOUC

The communicating function of LUDIC e-TOUCH lighting is based on LiFi or “Light Fidelity” technology. This wireless communication technology uses the optical spectrum to transmit data using the capability of the LED to turn off and on quickly, beyond what the human eye can perceive.

Thus, by turning on and off several thousand times per second the led light can transmit information by creating a frequency. If a led is lit, it transmits a bit 1, if it is off, a bit 0. These extremely fast frequency changes make it possible to transfer data at particularly high speeds.

LUDIC e-TOUCH devices are specially equipped to be connected to an Internet or Intranet network. They can transmit and receive data, within the direct or indirect light cone, transmitted by the device in a bidirectional mode, in complete safety. To function, this device requires the user’s computer, tablet or smartphone to have a mini transceiver (supplied with LUDIC e-TOUCH devices). The LUDIC e-TOUCH devices have a visible light bandwidth of 20 Mb/s (soon available in 100 Mb/s) and a bandwidth of 5 Mb/s (soon available in 20 Mb/s).