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Radian - BIM

The BIM or Building Information Model is better known as the building digital model. It is not only 3D but also a 3D graphic representation powered by the physical and functional characteristics of the building to be constructed.

Indeed, the professional no longer handles simple lines or features, but components (wall, door, window, etc …) that convey both their geometry and their dimensional, technical and regulatory properties. We are talking here about intelligent objects of a 3D semanticiseddigital model.

Which means, unlike CAD (2D), BIM has a database that can be interrogated and exploited in several ways. While the M in BIM has several interpretations, all the wealth and added value of BIM resides in its central letter “I” for Information.

BIM allows for better control of construction costs. It is a real source of savings and added value. This model brings us to Lean construction.


BIM is also a source of :

  • Visualisation for a better understanding of the project (seen as a communication tool)
  • Reduction of errors
  • Quality : BIM allows maximum detection of problems in order to anticipate them
  • Decision support : BIM facilitates the optimisation of the project and allows choices to be made in the early design stages

In order to follow the evolution of the building design, Radian has chosen to model all of its products in the formats RFA (Revit), GSM (ArchiCAD), SKP (Sketchup) and IFC (BIM interchange format).