Wall lights Tréma

Wall lights

Tréma wall lights provide a high-performance response

to the many different lighting requirements of office

office activities, but also for technical professions

where an optimum level of visual perception is essential.

is essential.

Tréma’s innovative diffusion method, using a micro-etched

delivers high-quality light over the entire surface of the worktop

surface of the work surface, providing uniform, controlled

without flicker or risk of glare.

138 lm/W
Luminous efficiency (up to)
Power (up to)
color rendering index
72 000h
Life time (L80)
3000K 4000K
LED color temperature
Finishes and specifications
RAL 9003
Standard color
RAL 9005
Standard color
RAL 7047
Standard color
RAL 7015
Standard color
other colors on request
Full description



The Tréma range is equipped with a diffuser plate

specifically machined to obtain a high, uniform, dense and

uniform, dense and controlled light output.

It offers users optimum comfort and well-being

comfort and well-being in their everyday environment. The family of

family of luminaires perfectly meets the lighting

the lighting needs of individual workstations,

semi-collective or collective workstations, whatever the space

where they are to be installed.




The luminaire head is made up of a transparent diffuser plate

transparent diffuser plate surrounded by a very thin

aluminium profile, accentuates the impression that each

that each luminaire projects freely into the space.

The principle is as follows: two LED strips positioned laterally

in the waistband of the lighting head

on either side of a PMMA plate.

PMMA sheet. The light beam penetrates

the edge of the diffusing body and encounters

micro-engraved cylindrical obstacles. It is these

which refract the light in two opposite directions

in two opposite directions, perpendicular to the plate

to the plate, emitting both direct and indirect

indirect scattering. The photometries

(opposite) illustrate the highly controlled diffusion

in the direct part and very spread out in the indirect part.



This technology offers a number of advantages,

in particular: a high-performance level of illumination

uniform illumination of the workstation, as well as optimum

optimum visual comfort for the user, thanks to the

low direct diffusion at a reduced angle (large alpha

angle). a very spread out indirect diffusion, which

the surface area of the illuminated zone and the low luminescence

luminescence on the ceiling.


Two lengths are available:


Standard :
Length: 624mm, Width: 141mm, P: 14W


Compact :
Length: 344mm, Width: 141mm, P: 7W




Options *
  • IRC90

* You should check with our technical services for the availability of options for each product model.

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